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Our COVID-19 Prevention Practices

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Pop-up weddings and events with Evergreen Magnolia are a perfect way to have a COVID-friendly celebration.

Why Our Pop-Up Weddings and Events are COVID-Friendly

We have a 20 guest maximum for our pop-up weddings and events. With such a small guest count, it's easy to social distance and avoid contact. Typically, our events will take place outside, offering plenty of fresh air.

Our heavy hors d 'oeuvres are pre-portioned and single-served to prevent contamination. Some of our heavy hors d 'oeuvres can be consumed touch-free; examples include being served on skewers and in parchment baking cups. We will also provide hand sanitizer for all of your guests.

Sanitation is a top priority not only for our own safety, but for yours too. All of our equipment is sanitized with EPA-approved sanitizer after each event to ensure that there is no risk of transmitting germs from one event to the next.

With Evergreen Magnolia Pop-Up Weddings and Events, we can still have all of life's most special celebrations and still be safe. Your safety is our top priority - book a consultation with us today!

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