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Could Pop-up Weddings Be The Hottest Trend of 2021?

I think so! We are proud to announce that we have been featured in Belle Magazine for our pop-up weddings. We are so thrilled about the opportunity to spread the word and let everyone know the wonderful services we offer. What is a pop-up wedding? Our pop-up weddings are all-inclusive, traveling, micro weddings. Pop-up weddings make planning a wedding easier than picking out what to eat for dinner!

"The demand for a quick, small, and affordable weddings is a top wedding trend of 2021. (Evergreen Magnolia Pop-up Weddings and Events) have all the ingredients of a stunning wedding day, but are COVID-friendly, offer less stress for brides, and hand sanitizer flows like wine," the article states. If this sounds like the experience you want to have, book with us today!

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