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Photos by Blayke Sellers Photography

  Pop-Up Weddings

Evergreen Magnolia Pop-up Weddings & Events creates an

all-inclusive micro wedding experience. This means we will provide everything so you don't have to stress about a thing! 

So easy right? It gets better! You can have a pop-up wedding at any venue or even on private property! 

A Pop-up Wedding is right for you if:

- You want to have a small, intimate and romantic ceremony.

- You would rather go on an amazing honeymoon than spend your whole budget on the wedding alone. 

- You don't have time to plan a big wedding.

- You don't want to have a long engagement.

- The thought of having a huge guest list is overwhelming.

- You dream of eloping, but you want your closest friends and family to be there.

- You want to pay a fraction of the price of a big wedding.


Basic Pop-up Weddings

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