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  • What is the a pop-up wedding?
    Our pop-up weddings are all-inclusive, traveling, micro weddings. They last up to two hours and can accommodate 20 guests. We provide everything you could possibly need to make your wedding special- from the decor, florals, heavy hor d'oeuvres, and signage all the way to chairs and a beautifully decorated wedding arbor! See our pop-up wedding page for more details!
  • Does Evergreen Magnolia Pop-up Weddings and Events travel?
    Yes! We can come to you! If we are required to travel more than 50 miles, fees apply.
  • Can I make decor requests?
    Absolutely! You can use any of the décor we have available for your special event. We have a beautiful inventory of decorations that are available and we can send to you on a Google Doc. These rentals are an add on to our wedding planning clients, but they are included in the pop-up wedding packages.
  • Can I use my own photographer?
    Yes! You can use your own photographer, you would just need to provide their contract to Evergreen Magnolia Pop-up Weddings and Events. We will deduct our photographers fee from the package price.
  • Can I customize my heavy hors d'oeuvres menu?
    We have a menu of beautiful and tasty hors d'oeuvres to chose from. We also have a cake menu for your wedding cake! You can select anything from our menu to make it your own! We can even bring in a caterer for a sit-down meal, as long as it's within budget.
  • Why do you not include an officiant?
    We do not include an officiant in our pop-up wedding package because we want you to select your officiant. We want to make sure you and your fiance are compadible with whoever you choose. If you do not have an officiant you would like to use, we can provide one for you. See our pop-up wedding page then scroll to the add-ons for pricing.
  • Can I have more than 20 people at my pop-up wedding?
    Absolutely! Your price will change because we would need to bring in a rental company for the seating and for additional heavy hor d'oeuvres.
  • Can my pop-up wedding last more than 2 hours?
    Yes! We can add time depending on the venue you chose and your budget.
  • Why don't you offer just day-of coordination?
    Quality is extremely important to us. In order to ensure that we give you our best quality of work and make sure that we deliver on all of our promises, we need to be involved through the entire wedding planning process. Day-of coordination did not allow up to be a part of any vendor meetings, it only allowed us to get involved toward the end of the process. For most people, we were finding a lot of things that needed to be corrected in order to have a perfect wedding day that could have been prevented if we were involved in those planning meetings. That is why Partial Planning is the minimum package that we offer- so we can be a part of your planning process throughout the entire journey and ensure that you have the best wedding day possible by providing our best quality of work.
  • Is day-of coordination included in every package?
    YES! We are there for you from the beginning of your wedding planning journey all the way to pulling it off on the big day!
  • How do I know which wedding planning package is right for me?
    It all depends on how involved you need us to be! If you are a self motivated planner that just needs someone to direct for you on the day of, day-or coordination is for you. If you need a little bit more help but can budget on your own, partial planning is the way to go. Lastly, if you are not local to the upstate of SC and need help booking vendors and managing you budget, full planning is right for you!
  • Can I get married at any venue I want?
    Yes! We manage Song Hill Reserve and love it very much, but you are not limited at all! We can help you plan weddings at any venue in the upstate of SC!
  • If you've never worked with my venue before, how will I know you can do a good job?
    We do multiple walkthroughs before the big day so we have a full understanding of the space. We also help you create a layout of how you want the tables and chairs set up. Your layout and your custom timeline will help us plan the flow of the big day and will be the main tools we use to direct your wedding exactly how you want.
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