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Please note: You can only rent these items if you book with me!


Here comes the bride!


   This flower girl tin is perfect for rustic style weddings! It features galvanized metal and the words 'here comes the bride.'

IMG_20200916_110227 (1).jpg

Decorative window hanger


This beautiful window can be used to hang signs or any kind of decoration you can think of. It is 32"h 18"w and only 8" deep so it's perfect for gift table signage! 


Guest book sign


This sign is for a non-traditional guest sign-in. It reads 'Please sign a heart and drop it in the frame so we will always remember the loved ones who came.' I am selling the wooden hearts below and you can purchase the frame at Hobby Lobby.


Wooden hearts

$2 for all

These wooden hearts belong with the sign above. Pro tip: Gel pens work best on these! I have about 100 to sell.


Galvanized metal bucket


The sticker on the front can be removed. You can use this to display anything you want! 


Card box


The sticker on the front can be removed. This box is big enough for about 100 cards! It's a great way to keep your gift table nice and tidy, and to keep all of your cards in one place!


Sweet signs


These sweet signs are available as a pair. They are perfect for hanging on hooks along the aisle or anywhere you might need them.


Silverware holder


This silverware holder is great for a buffet style dinner. It rotates so your guests will be able to see  which utensil they need!


Decorative box


You can use this box to display anything you want! It features a chalkboard section so you can customize it for your big day.


Wooden square

$2 per square

These squares are 10" by 10". They can be used to hang up and personalize or you can use them as a centerpiece. I have 6 available to rent.



$2 per candle

These classic white candles are about 4" tall and 2" in diameter. They give an elegant touch to any display. I have 4 to rent.


'Blessed' candle display


This cute candle holder can be used where ever you can think to put it. Tea lights not included.


Blank hanger

$2 per hanger

This blank hanger would be beautiful with a person photo attached to it! I have 2 available to rent.


Chicken wire frame


This is chicken wire frame is perfect for a personalized display! it measures 20" by 16".


Cork board frame


This is another frame that can be personalized.  It is 16" by 12".

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